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Couverture M.D. Roofing


Couverture M.D. Roofing offers high-quality residential roofing products in the West Island at reasonable prices. We provide all kinds of roofing products including shingles, roof ventilators, roll roofing and more. We are proud to provide you with products made by BP. Only the most experienced roofers in the industry receive a BP Platinum certification.

All our roofing products are of high-quality, designed to last long and protect your house from harsh weather conditions. Some products are subject to geographic availability, so please contact us about any products that interest you. We will be glad to assist you.


Roof flashings are placed on the roof, usually around objects that protrude from the roof, to prevent the accumulation of water on or around these objects. This reduces the damage caused to these parts of the roof by redirecting water into gutters. Thus, roof flashings could be placed around chimneys, joints, pit-eve roofs, etc.

Modified Bitumen:

These has an asphalt base and is ideal for roofs that have small to no slope, i.e. flat roofs. These roofs are known to withhold prolonged and continuous exposure to harsh weather and extreme environmental conditions.

Roofing Shingles:

These are individual overlapping elements that are used to cover a roof. They are usually flat or rectangular in shape and are laid in courses from the bottom edge of the roof.

Roof Ventilators:

These are like an outlet to the roof. It lets hot air escape from your house during the summer and allows moist air inside during winter. This system is extremely useful, especially in warmer areas that get plenty of sunshine, which often leads to a build-up of moisture in the house.


Click the links below to see a showcase of the products Couverture M.D. Roofing can install for your home in the West Island. Each product link opens a new window that offers a whole array of product information, images, colour examples, manufacturer's specs and more.

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Roofing  underlayment

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Flashing Installation

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Laminated Architect Collection

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We also install roof ventilators such as:

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Feel free to click on the links directly from the manufacturer for more information. Manufactured by Ventilation Maximum, these products are made mainly of galvanised steel but if requested, other types of material can be used like copper, stainless steel or aluminium.

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