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Couverture M.D. Roofing


At Couverture M.D. Roofing, we understand your concerns about installing a new roof. Roof installation is a heavy-budget job and requires careful planning. An essential part is finding an experienced and reliable roofing installer. We have curated a list of some commonly asked questions to help you understand roof installation and roof replacement better. Please go through the page to get your questions answered. If you cannot find your question in the list provided below, please feel free to contact us.

What is your degree of experience? How long have you been in business?

We have been replacing and renovating roofs for our loyal clientele since 1975 under the same owner, phone number and location, our reputation speaks for itself. Our staff is equally experienced, our lead foreman having nearly 30 years of roofing experience with us. We will also provide you with a lengthy list of recent referrals around your area.

Are you licensed and certified? 

Yes! Our RBQ license number is 5785-3343-01. In 2020 we incorporated the business to include the owner Mark's son as part-owner. Both Mark and his son Tristan hold a specialized roofing license with the RBQ. We are also BP Platinum certified installers, the highest recognition available for delivering quality work. We are also certified by Maximum Ventilation (attic airflow). Finally, we are members of the APCHQ and CNESST.

Do you offer a warranty? 

We offer a 10 year guarantee on our workmanship. The most popular shingle we use also comes with a limited lifetime guarantee (50 years) against product defects.

Do you subcontract? 

Never. When you choose to do business with us, it is our experienced roofing team that will carry out the work and service your roof. 

Do you clean the area around the worksite? 

Yes! A thorough cleaning is done every day. All trash is disposed of in a small container that is itself placed on wooden blocks. We also use heavy duty tarps to collect small debris on the ground. Plywood is slanted over to protect larger fragile items that cannot be moved. By the end of the day, the area is cleaned up with a broom, blower and even a magnet to pick up nails. Lastly, the interior of gutters are cleaned as well.

Do you do commercial or residential roofing? 

We remain exclusively residential. We specialize in residential shingle installation, we do not do flat roofs.

What brand of shingle do you recommend? 

We recommend BP's newer fiberglass architectural shingle. They come with a limited lifetime guarantee (50 years) against defects, and are built using their patented Weathertite technology, providing unmatched fastening. Their Eastern North American headquarters and production plant are local, made right here in Lasalle. We have also found their customer service to be the most reliable compared to their competitors. Although BP is our number one choice, we can certainly use other manufacturers' products upon request.

How should I maintain my roof?
  • Clean out the gutters on a regular basis.

  • Trim your trees away from the roof to lower risk of damages.

  • Replace broken or missing shingles.

  • Reseal & caulk around vents, pipes, chimney & skylights.

  • Insulate the attic.

  • Winter maintenance: be aware of ice & ice dams.

  • Remove the snow & ice along the perimeter of your roof by a professional or with a telescopic roof rake, leaving at least 2-3” of snow. It will help melting ice-water to drain.

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